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Empowering children to discover their true north.™

True North Academy AZ™ is a transformative private school serving families in
North Scottsdale  |  Carefree |  Cave Creek  |  North Phoenix

True North Academy AZ™ offers individualized education for students in grades 1-6, with possible expansion to 8th grade. Our students experience a fusion of foundational skills taught to mastery with enriching content that engages, inspires, and supports every learner.

The unique design of True North Academy's educational approach offers children individualized hands-on opportunities. Our educational methods work for neurotypical and neurodiverse students, and all are welcome to apply.

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We specialize in working with hidden disabilities, such as students with ADHD, auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities, giftedness, and sensory processing sensitivities. These students are creative, intelligent, and witty.


To an untrained eye, they are just like their peers. Yet when placed in the average classroom, they fail to reach their full potential and often dislike school. True North Academy changes how students view education, but even more importantly, it changes how students view themselves.

A special education diagnosis is not required to enroll. If your child has been struggling academically or you are curious about how small class sizes and individualized learning can benefit your family please reach out to us.

"My daughter was struggling to learn and feeling less than. We needed to find a better option. True North Academy welcomed her with open arms and really understood her struggles and designed a program specifically for her and met her where she was at. She is now thriving emotionally and educationally. She no longer dreads going to school and her confidence is back. True North has been a game changer."

Parent of a second-grade student

"The answer is not to standardize education, but to personalize and customize it to the needs of each child and community. There is no alternative. There never was.”

                            - Sir Ken Robinson

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True North Academy AZ™ is committed to academic success through an individualized approach to learning. Our educators apply evidence-based practices to create a nurturing environment that benefits children with ADHD, auditory processing disorder, executive dysfunction, giftedness, language-based learning differences, and sensory processing issues.

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TNA™ utilizes evidence-based, multi-sensory instruction coupled with data-driven responses to each student's needs. Our approach fosters a love of learning that builds on your child's strengths, self-esteem, and social responsibility – inside and outside of the classroom.

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TNA AZ™ is a unique private school committed to providing an education that ensures greater academic success for students with learning differences. Our micro-school delivers customized learning plans for each student to build foundational skills and accelerate growth at their pace. We strive to offer the lowest tuition possible to reach the widest range of families within our community.

We are deeply grateful for your donations to support our school expenses and student scholarships.  

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